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With eyes wide open...

The nightmare is upon us.

A few days ago, a wretched abomination attacked me when I was in Shattrath and I was lucky enough to happen upon a healer of the Dawn in my state of weariness. Members of the Dawn and my sister, Aurora cared for me while I recovered from the fever that nearly took hold of my entire being. It was two days before I was well enough to be reunited with my children and Dor'ano. I bade him to stay with them to keep them safe.

The healers worked hard to keep my constitution within me. To not lose me to the plague that threatened to take me with it. My body burned with a fever I have never experienced. My mind flooded with images vile and disturbing. My sleep was haunted with nightmares that surpassed all I had witnessed before this. Despite their best efforts, I still bear a scar. A wound from the attack. It has not been healed no matter what they have tried.

All the research that Dor'ano and I have done was to prepare for what would come in the north. Never did we imagine that the attacks would happen here. We were not ready for this. No one was. So many have fallen to the plague. Many more will follow after. There seems to not be enough healers and the armies we amass to combat the legion is dwindling down.

When I am well, I will meet with Tarquin. I am more determined than ever before to gain the new skills I need to go forward. To meet the challenges of the north. To fight harder than ever I have before. To protect what I love and hold dear.

I may still wear that bloody scar upon my skin, but I will use it as a reminder. Of what I will fight against and overcome. Arthas brought the battle to us... and soon, we shall bring the battle back to him. We will not falter. We will not fade. We will not be crushed.

For now, I stay close to Dor'ano and the children. I try to ease the worry that I see etched upon the faces of those I care for. I recover as best I can. And do my best, to keep hope in my heart.. despite all I have seen and felt that we will overcome. In the end.
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A study of the scar...

Dor'ano and I found some time on our hands and decided to pursue another of my pet projects together. I continue to take dirt samples and study them in the hopes that I can discover what may be happening in Quel'danas and if there is some connection to the rumors we are hearing about the lich king possibly raising up an army once more.

We started our trek from the troll stronghold of Zul'Aman. I still find those buildings so beautiful and wonderous to behold. I could have stayed there alone just to sit and stare. But we had a mission and were hoping to trace the scar as far as we could, which meant traveling into the Quel'dori held lands. We are going to consider the idea of a trek just exploring more of the trollish creations when we have time again. But time does seem fleeting and hard to come by these days.

Into the "Ghostlands" we wandered, pausing for me to take a sample of some mushrooms I found as well as a bit of soil which seemed to have a strange green glow to it. It reminded us both of Felwood. The taint was definitely present but it seemed to not have an entire foothold upon the land itself. Though I will say that the animals, like in many realms affected by corruption were indeed very aggressive and wild looking. Such a shame.

The map I had procured from a goblin I came across in Shattrath turned out to be utterly useless. I had nothing thought to check the makers mark upon the bloody thing. It was something created... before... the scar was created and therefore there was no mention of where we could find it. If I see that little fiend again, he is certainly going to hear a thing or two from me.

Thankfully, we did not need to wander very far into the woods before the scar became obvious to us in the distance. I should not say thankfully however as I was definitely not thankful to see such devistation.

Tis the same as in other regions. A long path of... nothingness. The soil seeming tilled up, the plant life and anything else that may have been living there, destroyed, burnt and left to rot. I originally though I saw some stones in the dirt, only to discover, with horror, that they were in fact skeletal remains. This just... went on for as far as the eye could see.

Once thing remains glaringly obvious, the scourges hold upon the areas affected deepest still remains strong as it was when they marched. Their minions still wander these trenches, for what purpose I cannot seem to understand.

We followed the darkened land in one direction, choosing it entirely at random, only to find ourselves watching a fortress rise up from the ground, towering over everything around it. Skulls crafted from the same stone as the walls. It was foreboding and awful to see. I certainly had no desire to see inside, but Dor'ano was persuasive. He said that if we were to truly see what this was about, we needed to explore further. And he is right. However, if I could have turned the other way, I certainly would have.

Guards of various degree and nature were everywhere. Creatures of the scourge were wandering about, seemingly ready for a fight. And the inner buildings of this compound were almost as awful as the gate that greeted us. We made our way through it, trying to draw as little attention to ourselves as we could. Cauldrons, like those in the plaguelands were bubbling, brewing up some liquid I could not identify. And the green glow was present in the soil there, only to a much higher degree than what I had seen in the forest leading to this place.

Two towers with crystals hovering in the air above them, called our attention. The energy surrounding the crystal seemed to flow into the tower itself as if it was being channeled or harnessed. As silently as we could manage, Dor'ano and I pressed into one of the towers, determined to see if we could figure out what the use of it was.

Several conjurers were focused into their spells and indeed it seemed to us that we were using the crystals energies to infuse the soil beneath with some.. fel energy. It disturbed me greatly to think that they were busy doing such things and I can't help but wonder what the reasoning behind it could possibly be.

My first instinct was something to do Arthas. I could only pray to Elune that I was wrong.

We left the tower and crept around the grounds further, deeper inside, moving toward a building which seemed to occupy the very heart of it all. It was the darkest and more powerful looking build of them all. The energy that radiated from it was definitely not welcoming to either of us. But we had come that far, we needed to see more if we were going to remotely answer the questions that lingered in our minds.

Alishe set her journal down, hearing the sound of her children as they stirred from their afternoon nap. She would come back to it later, she promised herself.
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By dragon's blood.. be healed.

As I was spending time at the lab in Quel'danas, I found myself chatting with another alchemist about salves and tinctures. In particular, I was expressing my frustration in not being able to find the right balance with the salve I am using to help treat Branwynne. I never mentioned her name, nor did I state her ailment, but I expressed a desire to make a more potent and yet less toxic creation. He suggested I make my way to Thelsamar. Apparently a dwarven alchemist there has come up with a very special salve which he will teach others to make if they prove their worth.

It seemed to me to be a good path to pursue. Since, well.. Branwynne is a dwarf. Perhaps this salve will be something that will help her in specific. Again, all I can do is try.

Shortly after I finished with my testing, I was on my way to Thelsmar. I found the master alchemist, Ghak Healtouch, in his home and greeted him after he invited me inside. I told him of my desire to learn how to make his salve and asked if he would teach me. He seemed a very nice fellow and only asked me to gather a few materials together for him in exchange for the lesson.

The strangest of the contents was dragon's blood. I cannot express how far down my jar dropped when this man requested this particular ingredient. At first, I thought he was joking... yet he just nodded pointed back to the list.

Hells. Dragons.

So.. to the badlands I wandered, list in hand. My mind reeling a little as I pondered just how sound this was. To treat her with dragon's blood? I almost turned back around and gave up the quest until I realized that this was not about me and my issues. It tis about Branny. And helping her however I can. Ghak certain knew more about dwarven alchemy than I ever could imagine. And so I had to trust a little.

The dragons were easy enough to find as they circled a spot in the corner of the badlands. Giant drakes which would have, at one time, frightened me a little to see. But compared to some of the sights I have seen now.. they were rather unimpressive.

I found a spot to stand, just out of their view and I readied myself. My mind focusing as I channeled nature's energies into me, determined to bring sleep to the nearest beast. When I had him incapacitated, I moved in closer and grabbed for the needle.

Dragon's blood.

I struck the needle into the rough hide, watching closely to see if the shock would wake the dragon from slumber. Thankfully the spell was strong and he did not budge. In fact, he barely twitched. I did what needed to be done and then I moved away quickly, leaving him to wake up with me far out of sight.

Back to Ghak's house with the materials he asked for, laying them all out on the table before him. I watched curiously as he began to grind things up and boil them together. His methods were certainly far different than my trainers in Darnassus. However, I enjoyed watching him and was grateful when he handed the recipe to me with a smile.

The salve is much less odorous than my own. I am not certain of the potency when it comes to Branwynne, but it is worth a try I think. I will bring by some to her tomorrow and check again to make sure that things have not grown worse.

Elune will guide our course. I believe that.
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Burning the candle at both ends...

Alishe sat down the pencil and stared at the open page before her. She had read the words at least a few dozen times and still, she lingered there almost as if she was hoping something new would come from reading it just once more.

Branny's demeanor has not improved dramatically. But one can scarcely blame her for it. Considering what she has been through and what she is dealing with currently, I am afraid that anyone would be much the same.

The treatments continue, with no visual improvement. However, it does not seem to be getting worse. So for the moment, we wait.. and see. I try to have as much hope as I can for this to be something we can control and hopefully one day push back, ideally into non-existence. But there lingers an ever present reality that the worst is likely yet to come.

I try to steady myself for the possibilities, all the while keeping my hope that they will never come to pass. But I am a realistic girl. These are demonic energies we are dealing with. Uncertainty is always going to be a constant part of this journey.

I continue to work on my salve recipe, in the hopes I can make something a little less... disconcerting to the senses. I know Branny cannot be very happy having to use it so often as she does and while she does not complain, I hope that by making it a little easier in one way, I can help ease her.. even if just a little.

The current mixture is the following: Dreamfoil, Teroc..."

She rubbed her temple and moaned a little as the tension in her head started to throb. Perhaps some steelbloom. That was a fragrant herb which may counter some of the stronger bitter herbs she was using.

Prydion came into the room and walked up behind his wife, gently pressing his hands on to her shoulders. He started to massage and whispered. "Ishura, ye are still staring at that book? Ye should come outside I think. Spend some time in the garden, aye?" With a soft sigh, she nodded and leaned back in the chair, her head pressing against him. "I am glad you came in when you did, Dor'ano. It feels good to have you near."

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her cheek, nuzzling his nose against her neck. "Have ye got your bags packed for the trip, Ishura? I know that is weighing heavy on ye mind as well." She closed her eyes and took a long breath. "Mmm hmm. Just do not let me forget to bring my book with me. It has information I promised to give Genise and Ilarra when we meet with them." He took her hand and urged her from the chair. "Aye, su rini, I will remind ye."

Alishe rose slowly and moved into Prydion's arms, hugging him tightly with a contended sigh. As she pulled back and smiled to him, he watched her face carefully. "Still not sleeping well, Ishura? Ye look a bit weary to me." She nodded just a little. "Bloody dreams keep on nagging me. I find it hard to rest as I should. I still cannot believe Ilarra tried to give me potions!" He brushed a dark indigo curl from her face. "Maybe ye should have taken it from her. It couldn't have hurt." Alishe smirked at him. "I can make my own teas, Dor'ano. It is fine. When we make this trip, hopefully the dreams will end and I can rest again. For now... I will endure what I must."

Arms wrapped around her as he drew her close once more, not knowing what to say. He hated to see her in distress. She smiled at him as their foreheads met. It almost seemed as if they drew energy from one another and it was several moments before they finally pulled apart. With a soft smile and a gentle kiss, Prydion led Alishe out of the room.

The book lay open on the desk, discarded for now.

I will check on Branny again tomorrow and then finish getting everything ready for our journey. All I can hope is that Elune will continue to guide us as she has and that we will find the cause to these dreams.

Hyjal... awaits. Another trek will come soon. I hope I will be ready.
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They say you can't go back again...

So, a saying I have heard is that you can never go back again from whence you've came. The past is the past. And for all the time I've lived, tis been true. Mind you, before our immortality was lost, it seemed as if time did not move at all for us. We were as we always had been. Babies were born and people grew older, but journey without end left us.. wanting.

At least that is how I feel.

There are some places in my past that I never truly wish to see again. Nor step foot upon. But tonight, I found myself called to one of the very worst of those things.. left behind.


Bloody hell. My heart still races a little when I think of the name, let alone speak of it. To stand there, on ground that was so close to one of the worst experiences of my life. My stomach was in knots. My head was light. And I wanted so badly to just turn and run away.

Dor'ano kept steady watch on me and he was constantly reassuring to me. We were called there to attempt to right something gone wrong. To ensure victory. But in my heart, all I can see is devastation. The past. So many voices silenced for all time. So many lives lost. So much destroyed.

I cannot find a way to be happy being there. I cannot make peace with how I feel thinking that we must indeed venture back. My heart feels so weary and heavy.

We will soon venture back there. Travel back through their bloody time portals and march further toward the worst of the battle. We will soon find ourselves in the Kaldorei encampment. And tis very likely that I may see those who I once knew and cared for. Standing there along side of us, once more. Knowing that I can do naught to ease their fate. I cannot change it despite the fact that we are attempting to change other things.

This disturbs me greatly.

Tis hard enough to accept such things when they are gone and in the past. But to relieve it once more. Knowing that you still are unable to do a bloody thing to make it better? I am not sure how to make peace with that.

I suppose in the end. It will be a matter of what it always come down to.

A question of time.
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Life in the busy world..

The past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind of activity for Dor'ano and myself. It seems harder than ever for us to find time to just relax. However, I am most happy to say that we have finally decided to find time just for us. A few simple picnics in quiet places where we have sat with one another, sharing our thoughts and re-discovering one another once more.

We somehow tried to be content with simply doing our tasks and fighting battles side by side, but lacked taking time away from those things. And now that we have, I can truly say that it tis something I've needed and appreciate more than I can say. It is far too easy to allow everything to come before us. To get caught up in it all and to not strengthen our bond and connection. But we have made ourselves a promise that it will not longer be the way of it. We will give ourselves the gift of each other.

This one simple act has helped us both to dissolve fear and worry that has wondered into our minds and hearts. It is still amazing to me to think on the fact that soon I shall have shared three years of marriage with my beloved Dor'ano. To think, when I began writing in this book, I had no idea where my life would head or what I would do. And now tis three years later. And I am more in love with this man than I have ever been. I watch him as a father to our children and it makes my heart swell to see such tenderness and caring. I listen to him speak and I truly admire his passion. I learn something new about him every single day and I never grow tired of being near him.

It is my hope that mayhaps in a few months, Dor'ano and I can hold a gathering to celebrate such a wonderful milestone with our friends and family. I think perhaps it would be nice for others to take time away from all this battling and hardship to just relax and enjoy life a little as well.

But in the meanwhile, the hardship goes on and we soldier on with it.

Tarquin called a meeting last week to discuss a few things. One of which was trying to sort out what we felt and thought about the situation in Quel'danas. Having spent much time there, I must admit I am a bit dreadful of delving deeper into the future of that place. I cannot help it though. I find myself drawn there and feel almost compelled to end whatever plan it is that Kael'thalas has for that place. The sunwell will not rise again. Or at least I hope it does not.

I fear it will be much like Staghelm's ill-fated plan to restore our immortality by creating a new world tree. As of yet, the corruption and repercussions of such an act has not been full revealed, but I feel it is only a matter of time. And to see the sunwell rise up once again. Bloody hell, I fear what it will mean to the Quel'dori. Who already have had such struggle with addiction. I cannot see it being used for a good cause and I truly do fear what would come next if it were to be reborn in any manner.

I promised the riders that I would study the soil in Quel'danas and see what I could find out. Especially in the scar zone itself where so many of the scourge have risen up. When next I venture there, I intend to see about setting up a small space to test and experiment what I find there, so as not to bring any of it back home. I have a strong feeling that whatever corruption lies there is not something we should transplant if it can be at all helped.

So, that has begun and we shall see in the new few weeks what it is that I can discern from it. Compared to some of the suggestions that came from my guildmates, I'm afraid my... contribution.. is rather timid and mild. Sometimes I worry about them. Bloody brash if you ask me and more often than not, they get themselves in quite a lot of trouble. But I stand by them.. and always will. For they are my truest friends, even if they may be a bit rough around the edges.

A mystery has also surfaced involving our dear friend, Branwynne. Something has come over her and I'm afraid she is fighting hard to keep us at bay, despite our pure desire to help her. More and more, tis looking as if some swift and potentially difficult action will be have to be taken. I am unsure what exactly we are facing, but unfortunately a few gnomes have gotten involved and have unknowingly made the situation worse with their attempts to solve the mystery with science. While I do applaud their creativity and desire to help, when dealing with such things as what Branny is, tis truly not the best to dive in without full understanding and knowledge of the situation at hand.

I will write more as I sort though it. For now, I fear I must go consult a book I have not picked up in quite some time. Hopefully, it will yield some better answers, though I am quite doubtful that it will give me anything but more unhappy and disturbing news.
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Earning my wings... at last

This morning, I received a summons from the Cenarion Expedition. Specifically from Morthis Whisperwing himself, who is a powerful druid of the talon. Honestly? I was not looking forward to this meeting, as months had passed since I last spoke to him and it was not a pleasant conversation.

When I came to him back then, I had just found comfort in flying and was getting used to it when he stripped me of my ability to take the form. He felt that I was unready and undeserving of it. That I had things to learn and needed to prove myself. I could not recall the last time I had to do such a thing! I was infuriated. Frustrated and frankly, angry. How dare he!

The man spoke to me in such a manner that it brought Staghelm himself to mind. Bloody biter man. I know not what I ever did to provoke such a thing from him, but he did not seem to care for me one bit.

So I left the expedition, exalted with all else but him. I had no choice but to take myself to the Wildhammer clan and beg of them a mount to use until such time as I figured out whatever it was that I needed to do to prove myself worthy of flight once more. They seemed to be very amused by my plight. I suffered more than a few insults and when they finally realized that I was most serious and actually indeed needed their aid, they finally relented and entrusted me with a beautiful gryphon whom they apparently called Helix. Bloody strange name if you ask me. But it seems to fit him well.

Helix has been my companion for so long now, it is difficult to think that after today, I shall no longer be needing him. In fact, tonight, I will return to the Wildhammers and bring Helix home to them. I am trying not to think on it too long for it will bring tears to my eyes.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I hesitated in responding to the summons, but Dor'ano was insistent that I not delay any longer. He felt that this was important and that perhaps it would finally be time for me to earn my right to be in the sky under my own power once more. I was not so convinced. But I went anyway. Dreading every single step I took toward that man.

Morthis Whisperwing greeted me with a bow when I arrived and the smile that had been on his lips just moments before, faded fast. "Alishe, you have left a task undone for far too long. I know not why you have abandoned the quest I charged you with, nor why you seemingly have decided that this is not something you care about. But I have called you here to ask once more, will you prove your worth?" His eyes bore into me like knives and I stood there, a bit stunned.

All I could whisper was, "Bloody hell." He smirked at me. "That is not the reply I was hoping for." I cleared my throat and did my best to explain my confusion. At his demeanor. At his taking something from me by force which I felt I had earned. I told him how difficult it had been for me. How bloody embarassing! He listened to all of my rant and then held up his hand to silence me from continuing onward.

"You wonder why the ravens took their gift and yet you still do not have peace within yourself." He paused and his eyes actually softened a bit. "Think, Alishe. Think hard on this." I sighed then. Remembering a revelation I had come upon a few months back. "One cannot fly when you are weighted to the world with guilt and woe." I bit my lip and looked at him again. Unsure of what to say or do.

To my surprise, he smiled and nodded his head. "Exactly. I had no doubt you would figure it out eventually, Alishe. But you sometimes do not listen without being pushed. Hard." I raised my eyebrows at him in shock. How could this man know a thing about me! We had never spoken before the day he chastised me so. He chuckled in response. "Rabine talks about you Alishe. And I listen." I blinked in surprise and shock. My mentor was the one who told him to do this? Bloody hell!

He motioned for me to sit down next to him and then smiled once more. "Now, I will try again. Softer this time for I can see you are overwhelmed by all of this." He turned and faced me. "Are you ready to take on the challenge I gave you? To earn your right to be part of the talon. To TRULY earn your place among us?" I swallowed hard and nodded slowly. I was afraid he would yell once more or tell me I was not ready.

Morthis nodded in response to my words. "Then gather your aid, Alishe. No more delays. No more waiting. Today. It must be today. Do you understand me?" I caught my breath. All these months of preparation I should have been doing. And I had not done any. I had let it slip past. I started to panic and then as I caught his glance, I realized that was not going to help my cause. So a deep breath was next on my mind. Calming my heart and mind as I thanked him for the chance to show I was worthy. I rose up and headed to find Helix, anxious to find Dor'ano.

I had no idea how difficult or easy the journey would be. Nor who I would gather with me. But I was blessed by Elune I suppose. The aid came quickly and before I knew it, Varenna, Isi, Calen'braga and my beloved Dor'ano were at my side, ready to take on the fight with me. I could not have asked for more.

The battle against Anzu was a bit more than I was prepared for. As soon as I stated I was ready to battle, a great portal opened up above us. It was dark.. and rather terrifying to see. I tried not to be afraid, but my heart was beating so quickly. But I embraced my fear and I decided that I would use it to help me endure this fight. Whatever came next. And when Anzu appeared before us, I was ready.

It seemed like it took ages to defeat him and his minions. We fought hard and together in every way. And when the dust finally settled and he was vanquished, I could not help but cry. We had done it! The task was done. And now I would see if Morthis would find me worthy to fly.. once more.

I quickly made my way back to him, anxious to see what he would say. To my shock, he chastized me for how long I had taken to decide I was ready. My heart sunk and I sighed, lowering my eyes from his face. "Alishe." He called to me, causing me to look at him again. "We are proud of you. Listen to them, Alishe. They are calling for you to join them." He nodded as I stared in disbelief. "Ask them for their aid. And they will help you to fly once more."

With closed eyes, I whispered to the ravens flying nearby. Asking for guidance. Thanking them for their confidence in me. And requesting from them, my renewed ability to take to the sky. I held my breath. And waited.

The vision of a bird in flight filled my mind and I felt such a sudden rush of wind on my face. I gave myself over to it, wholly. Completely. I was one of the talon. I had earned my place amongst their numbers and for the first time, I was comfortable. My eyes opened then and I found myself high above the ground. Hovering there. My wings flapping in the wind, keeping me steady. The sound of the ravens nearby growing louder as they circled me.

I earned my wings today.

And I am complete.
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Gaining ground

Well, it has been a while since I've taken pen to this paper. Indeed, this poor notebook has sat, unloved and unopened, for quite some time now. But I can scarcely feel badly for such as it has been life itself which has kept me from my writing.

Before I began this entry, I sat down to glance back at all I had written and shared in this beloved diary of mine. Some entries brought me to tears and others, made me smile or outright laugh. Tis good to see where one has been. To be able to judge the distance that you have come. The changes of our life and to note what has come before the now.

My house is still for the moment. I am enjoying the brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle that life has become. It seems we are always in motion these days. Either chasing after Rowan and Kareelin. Attempting to keep the cats from mischief which they seem to excel at. Or being called to yet another place to fight.

The children have gone out to play with Sylang, who has been the most wonderful caregiver for them that I could have asked for. I am so grateful for her patience and the time she gives to us. Meanwhile, Dor'ano is next to me, napping after a grueling morning. I had thought to rest as well, but a strange dream woke me from slumber. It seems to be the norm as of late. My dreams are wild and often unpredictable. But they also seem to be the way that Elune gives me messages. So, I will ponder this one for a while and mayhaps find rest with my Dor'ano shortly.

It feels good to write once more. I should do so more often.
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Hair today.. gone tomorrow...

Slowly Alishe came out of her dream, her eyes not open yet. She could feel the tiniest bit of movement next to her causing her to smile. Exahusted eyes opened and she glanced upon the tiny face of her son. Somehow she had fallen asleep with Rowan next to her again. He wasn't fussing, yet, and seemed content to just look around and squirm. "Good morning Rowan." She whispered to him as she leaned in close to nuzzle his soft newborn skin with her nose. Tiny hands immediately reached out to grasp a huge chunk of her hair.

"Yeouch!" She giggled as she tried to unclasp the death grip Rowan had upon her. He was most definitely a strong child. As was his sister. "Let go, little one. Ow. Ow. Ow. No wonder so many mothers cut their hair at this point. Ow!" It took a few moments, but eventually Alishe freed herself and her hair from his hands. She grinned and brushed her fingertips against his face. "So sweet you are. Even if you are trying to make your mother bald!"

Prydion's chuckle caused her to glance across the room. He was sitting in a chair with Kareelin asleep in his arms. Obviously she had not allowed him to sleep very well either. "O fulo osa su alah'ni." Alishe smiled as she scanned his face. She should have made sure he went to bed as well. He looked as tired as she felt. His eyes still sparkled though as he looked to her. "I love ye too Ishura." He rose cautiously and settled Kareelin into the craddle as Alishe watched him silently, her hand now the newest playtoy for their son.

"When does Sylang come?" Prydion whispered as she drew near to the bed, smiling down at Rowan as tiny arms reached upward. Alishe started to stretch and a huge yawn escaped her lips. "Soon, I would think. I suppose I should straighten up a little before she arrives, aye?" Prydion grinned as he brushed something out of Rowan's hand. "He got you good this time, Ishura. Look at all this hair he robbed ye off!" Alishe laughed. "Yes, he has quite the grip. Just hope he doesn't do the same to you!" She winked as Prydion's eyebrows raised up. A gigglefit soon took hold as Prydion gave his soon a stern but playful look. "Don't ye even think on it, son. I like me hair where it is!"

Alishe laid back into bed and snuggled in against the pillow. All she wanted was a few more hours of sleep. "Have ye had your belly filled, me little lad?" Prydion slowly raised up the baby from Alishe's arms. "Mmm hmm. He should be fine for at least a little while now." Alishe murmured back sleepily, her eyes closing once more. She could barely feel his hand coming down to brush against her forehead as her mind drifted back off again. Sleep taking her prisoner and not letting loose. "Rest yeself Ishura. O fulo osa." He whispered as she leaned over to kiss her cheek.

She nearly jumped when she heard him yelp. Rowan had grabbed hold of his father's hair this time. "Ye. Ow. Son! Hell!" Alishe couldn't help but giggle. She didn't have her eyes open but she could imagine the scene even still. Prydion grunted as he tried to get the claw-like grip of his son to release his precious hair from it's grasp. However, Alishe never found out how long it took for her husband to free himself fully. By that point, she had long since been asleep.
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In the afterglow...

She watched silently as his brow furrowed again. His closed eyes tightened slightly and his breathing increased. Always so restless as of late. That was her Dor'ano. Her hand moved slowly and fingertips brushed against his cheek very lightly. "Shhh Dor'ano. O fulo osa." Then just as suddenly, he relaxed again. It seemed to be ever the case as of late. She found that it was her husband that kept her up at night more than her sleeping newborns.

Alishe turned her head and glanced over at the cradle which contained the slumbering twins. Snuggled up together, they were happily dreaming. Their soft breathing echoed in the quiet room and she couldn't help but smile. How sweet they were. How fragile. They had been born early. Of that there was no doubt, they were absolutely tiny. Surprising considering how huge Alishe had felt in the last weeks of her pregnancy. Then again, she had no idea that all the random movement and internal beatings she was enduring was actually the product of two little ones.

Prydion and Alishe had worked hard to care for the babies and to use their healing energies combined to strengthen their children. Almost a month had passed and they were very relieved to see that both Prydrowan and Kareelin were very healthy and growing stronger every day.

From beside her, Prydion groaned again and her attention turned back to him. She pressed herself against her husband, wrapping her arms around him. Almost as if on instinct alone, his arms moved to embrace her tightly. His body starting to respond to the feel of her against him. Alishe brushed her lips against his neck and paused, sighing ever so softly. Certainly she could wake him up at this point, but she hesistated to do so. After all, rest seemed to come so rare to Prydion. She kissed his neck and heard him murmur in his sleep. Something inbetween a whimper and a moan. His hand roaming along the bare skin of her back and coming to rest upon her hip. It was then he whispered something to her which made her grin.

He was awake. And it was rather obvious.

Amorous kisses soon followed and it was safe to say that it was not only Prydion who was enjoying the fact that Alishe's body was returning back to her normal form. As often happened with Alishe and Prydion, soon there was nothing else but the two of them in each other's arms.

That is.. until...


Alishe's forehead came to rest against Prydion's shoulder with a soft thunk and they both began to snicker softly. Reality came back to them swiftly, in the form of Rowan's howl. She opened her eyes and turned her head toward the cradle, only to see that Kareelin too was starting to stir. "Ye were too loud, Ishura." Prydion whispered with a wicked grin. Alishe jabbed him playfully in the side. "I think not, Dor'ano. If anyone woke them, it was you!" Again came Rowan's hunger call as Alishe reached for her nightgown.

"Shhh. Yes, fulo. I'm coming." His sister soon joined and the house began to be filled with the sound of newborn wailing. A very tired Prydion pulled himself from bed, quickly dressing himself as well and then scooping up his daughter who squirmed and fussed in his arms. He kissed her forehead and smiled at Alishe who had settled down with Rowan, nursing him almost as if it was second nature. Even that had not be easy for Alishe, but she had endured the difficulty like a champ and Prydion couldn't help but sigh happily at the sight. "O fulo osa, su rini. Ye are truly beautiful. I hope ye know that." Alishe's eyes met his and she smiled brightly at him.

Kareelin cried out loudly, eager for her turn. Her father walking around the room, trying his best to soothe her into submission as he waited for Alishe to finish with her brother. After a little while, the new parents swapped babies and Alishe went to work on sating her very fussy daughter. Prydion plunked wearily down in a chair, patting Rowan's back in a half-hearted attempt to burp him. But every pat got softer and softer until they ceased entirely.

A soft smile and a very faint chuckle came from Alishe as she watched the two men in her life snoozing before her. Her hand brushing against the fine soft hair of infant still nursing happily away. Kareelin finished her meal and soon she too was back in happy slumber. Very quietly and carefully, Alishe lifted up her daughter and settled her back in the cradle, soon after to be joined by her sibling.

With quiet footfalls, Alishe crossed the room again and reached out her hand brushing it lightly against Prydion's hair, her lips curled up in a adoring smile. He moved just a little then, his hand coming to capture hers, pulling her rather swiftly upon his lap. He nuzzled her neck with his lips and murmured sleepily at her. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered softly in response. "Later love. Later." Her frowned just a little, but it didn't last for long as he could not argue with his fatigue. With a yawn, Alishe led them both back to their bed and curled up in his arms, happy to just be close to him.

And soon the entire house was filled with the sound of contented sleep.